Ask, Seek, Knock

Luke 11:9 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

A fresh way of looking at this familiar verse is by looking at through a story. So… Once upon a time a young man decided he wanted a weekend away to pan for gold. Se he went on the Internet and ASK the search engine where he might find gold. He found a site he could easily drive to, rent some equipment, and pan for gold. He began to SEEK for this gold by driving to the place, renting equipment and made all preparations for the treasure hunt. The next morning He began the “KNOCKING” process. He took his little bit of knowledge, his rented equipment and got down in the water and sifted through pan after pan of worthless rock and sand until late that afternoon he found a few flakes of gold.

Notice the three steps in the process. Step one is the question or research step. Where might I find gold? What do I need to get to the gold? How much will it cost me? Step two is the preparation step. Traveling to where the gold might be, getting the equipment, paying the price. Step three making the actual effort to dig the gold out.

Back to the story. Our man having found a little bit of gold becomes interested in finding more gold. He begins to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK on a deeper level. So he starts gathering books and magazines, joining on-line chat and user groups. He decides to take his vacations to more remote sites to dig for gold. So he buys the equipment he needs, and takes spends a week every summer high in the mountains learning how to be a miner. After several years his study, expense and hard work pay off and he finds several valuable gold nuggets.

Gold fever begins to set in and he begins to focus his life on the pursuit of gold. He deepens his study by getting a mining engineering degree from the school of mines. He works  a summer job working in a commercial mine and learn techniques for large scale mining. No longer just a satisfied being tourist, a hobbyist, or a student, he takes the plunge and goes full time in search of the mother-load.

This story of a man searching for gold can be applied to any pursuit. Asking, seeking and knocking is not just a matter of prayer, but the focus of a life. What are your interests, hobbies and pursuits? What do you study, buy and hunt for? In Luke 11 Jesus points to the ultimate quest, verse 13 “how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” Some like the man in the story are tourists in their pursuit of the Holy Spirit. They take a break from the main pursuits of their lives, but career, family, home, entertainment, recreation, hobbies and other interests take up their time. Many seek the things of God like a hobby. We buy books and tapes, take weekends and days off work for special meetings and genuinely want to find more of God, but we divide our time and interests on a host of other things. A few have caught Holy Spirit fever, they have heard and read of the “mother-load” of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They won’t be satisfied until the secret is not only learned, the price has been paid, but the junk has been remove and the “mother-load” has been brought up from the depths to impact our generation. These focus their whole lives on finding the deep things of God, getting rid of the hindrances and distractions as best they can so that they can focus more and more of their time and energy on their pursuit.

1 Corinthians 3:12 “Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, …fire will test each one’s work”

Upon the cornerstone of Jesus Christ and the foundation of the Apostles the church is being built. In this passage there are two categories of building materials. The wood, hay and straw are inexpensive, easy to find, and are easy to build with. But they are surface materials, symbolic of the works of man. Many a ministry is built this way, a person will scrape together some resources, and launch a project while only giving the Holy Spirit lip service ask for blessing on their hard work. The gold, silver and precious stones are not found on the surface, but are buried or hidden treasures. These are symbolic of the deep work of the Holy Spirit that no man can produce. The power to save, heal, deliver, baptize and the gifts and fruits of Spirit are these deep things. The human tendanacy is to build or do things for God, while God is looking for those who will ask for the Holy Spirit, seek for the Holy Spirit, and knock for the Holy Spirit until the precious and rare power of God is fully manifest.


2 thoughts on “Ask, Seek, Knock

  1. Duane-Just wanted to add some thoughts to your “story”. The man had to get away to where the treasure might be, to leave friends and comforts, go out beyond the crowds. Had he gotten to the stream and found a crowd there he would know he had to go further, that this stretch of water was muddied and worked over. Putting this in the Calif. gold rush environment- there are a lot of streams running down out of the Sierras, all or most will show some gold flakes, at first that seems exciting, but you could work for a long time and get very, very little. It always takes going beyond the “easy” areas, or as you said digging deep. In modern gold mining technology it takes a staggering number of tons of ore to get an OUNCE of gold. We tend to want spiritual gold with every swing of the pick. Easy spritual wealth, just pour it in Lord. This kind of ties in with your next blog.
    In His Love

    • Getting away from comforts, “friends” , crowds is important, but the asking, seeking and knocking in the kingdom can be both an individual pursuit, and a like minded group effort. I think we’ve found a few nuggets together a time or two.

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