Much of my adult life I have been involved in small group prayer meetings.  A good prayer meeting is like walking down a path with the Spirit of God leading.  He leads us together through a series of scripture verses, themes, visions, burdens  and/or promises.  Over the years I have filled composition notebooks with journals of the places the Lord has led us. Many times the things we’ve prayed about in a small group then take place again in a larger Church meeting.  It’s like we were scouts just slightly ahead of the main body, seeing what was just ahead.

For a long time I wanted to publish a book from these writings, but it has always seemed to be too much to put together, but it’s finally time for me to “write the vision and make it plain, that he may run who read’s it.”  Habakkuk 2:2.  This verse was spoken over me by Gary Goodell several years ago and has continued to encouraged or nagged me ever since. Thanks Gary, your voice is still in my head!

This blog is primarily about prayer, intercession, the kingdom advancing and the Church. I long to see the Bride make herself ready, so I rant against some aspects of Christian religious practices, but hopefully more often cast a vision for positive change.   In some small way maybe this blog will help a few of us transition from a religion of personal fulfillment and individual personality driven ministries to greater experiences of the fellowship of the mystery of the body of Christ .

The title of this blog comes from the line of a song “More of You and less of me”, I like to play with the words of a song sometimes.  If there is more of we and less of me, then more of the presence of God in our midst can take place.   So the post’s in “More of We and Less of Me” are a series of somewhat random meditations and teachings from scripture (NKJV) exploring themes that often have something to do with the fellowship of the mystery and the manifold wisdom of God made know by the Ekklesia. (Ephesians 3:9-10).

I am not a trained biblical scholar, unless listening to thousands of sermons count, but I like to say I’m a graduate of UBU (used bookstore university) with a major in prayer and a minor in revival.  I have embraced renewal movements from the Charismatic movement of the 80’s, to the Vineyard, Toronto, Pensacola, and recent student awakening at IHOPU in Kansas City.  As I looked back recently at all the waves of the Spirit that have impacted my life, I was amazed that it’s at least 12 different ones, so I wrote about them here.

There are plenty of other places to argue back and forth about these renewal movements, so please don’t here.  I do love comments regarding the topic posted, and hope to have “iron sharpens iron” type of friendly discussions.

I’ve started a series on the Old Testament with an overview of the big picture stories, and plan on drilling down into them more and more.  I take Romans 15:4 as license to learn and apply Old Testament  passages to the Church.  “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”

Duane Burgen – d_burgen@yahoo.com


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